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The Skill Works Day

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Post by :admin| Update : 2017-11-24 01:57:10

The Skill work days a vocational activity Medikacom Annual Bandung, aims to Improve Quality of Human Resources Alumni medikacom particular. In detailing activities The Skill of work days in 2014, which carried on the Moon in December 2014, which also Open House New Medikacom Vocational Building Jl. Bolang ranch, Soekarno Hatta Bandung. who attended and also inaugurated by the Mayor of Bandung. 

The event was held on the activities -acara The Skill work days housed in a new building SMK Medikacom duo, as follows:

- Free blood Perisa

- Free Service

- Training Computer, Tablet, Netbook, and notebook & nbsp; Assembly

- Recruitment on Campus various industries (pharmaceutical, information technology, automotive and accounting

- Inauguration of the Bank Mini vocational pembelajajaran Medikacom which also support the Department of Accounting

- Competition Exercise

- Art Contest

- & Nbsp; etc.